5 Secret Interview Tips You Need to Know Before going for that INTERVIEW


Interview tips
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Interviews are an act, a screen test or face to face expression of you, it’s a medium or an opportunity to convince your employer that you are the best candidate for the job.

Getting hired completely depends on you, the actor.

Prepare yourself, watch videos and read more tips on passing through an interview session, Learn your lines, deliver flawlessly, dress appropriately and get hired

Know that in Interview once your lines are messed up, that’s the end, there are no second chances.

Clear understand that Interviews are personal preferences (not necessarily about the best grade or experience.) That’s why you see 2:1 grad getting jobs ahead of First Class. Sometimes, it is about the preference of the interviewer. Mind you, a First class graduate has so many expectations. No one wants to know that you were just a First class graduate in your course at the first-degree level.

So much would be demanded from you. This tends to put many first class graduates off the balance during interviews. The focus on other grades would be lesser, hence giving the more opportunity. So, if you are a first class student or in the course of attaining first class, you cannot rest for one minute. You keep working hard even while on job. 2:1 and 2:2 students, the competition is crazy. Do things that would make you stand out. Tell your interviewers what you have that others don’t.

The chances of success lie with you.

Note: A strong CV/resume pushes you to the interview room first 

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Interview tips
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Convince the Interview you are the Best Man for the Job


Convince the Interview that you are Motivated to Do the Job

Convince the Interviewer that you can Work with Other People




great interview tips
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Failing to mention key achievements

Failing to build rapport and trust with the interviewer(s)

Giving long-winded and distracting answers that tick the interviewer(s) off

Bewildered by certain questions and not providing an intelligent response

If there is a personality clash between the interviewer and interviewee

When either the Interviewer or Interviewee is having a bad day. A bad day for the interviewee may greatly affect his response and attitude towards the interviewer while a bad day for the interviewer may likely cause the interviewee his job



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Most Just wake up and go for the interview, No preparation, No practice.

Overconfident which often leads to Underestimation and misinterpretation of the purpose and dynamics of the interview process

Low Self Esteem or the word Inferiority Complex, Most Interviewees don’t have the strong belief in themselves, others lack the courage to still speak or convey a clear expression of their thought in words.


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Get it right, every interviewer knows what they want, so they know what they are doing.

a) The interviewer knows what questions to ask and how to search for the truthfulness in answers

b) The interviewer is not taken in by the charm, good looks, great humor or any other aspect of the interviewee (this is arguable anyway)

c) The interviewer looks out for Interviewee who has learned how to clearly articulate their skills, key achievements and how they can add value to the organization.

In reality, it is often the person who performs best at the interview who wins the prize

So…? Don’t pull out of a job if you know someone better suited for the job is also applying

If you happen to know that you are the best person for the job (maybe you are a first class or a strong 2:1 student or you have got so much exposure, training, and skills), avoid taking the interview for granted

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