7 Interview tips For a SUCCESSFUL job interview

7 interview tips For a SUCCESSFUL job interview

Interviews tips

A lot of people react differently when faced with an interview. I will be sharing 7 interview tips that will help you win your dream. This interview tips will guide you through and also it will enable you to come out successful.

I would like to define what an interview is according to Wikipedia  “An interview is a conversation where questions are asked and answers are given. In common parlance, the word “interview” refers to a one-on-one conversation with one person acting in the role of the interviewer and the other in the role of the interviewee.

Now you’ve known what an interview is next are the tips that will help you through your interview.


  1. Know the company/Organization

This is one area I will like you to dwell on first. You can’t just go to an organization you know nothing about. Some interviewers will try to know how much you know about them. So to be on the safer side its better you do your research about the organization.

  1. Arrive at the venue on TIME.

Try not to be late. Your interviewer measures your level of seriousness with your ability to manage your time well and arrive at the venue on time. Don’t give your interviewer the impression that you are unserious.

  1. Develop a connection with the interviewer.

Try to know more about the interviewer if need be. You can address him on her by her title if possible. But first, You have to make your research well before doing this else you have to use the general name which is SIR or Ma. But I will advise you to know who your interviewer is. And be flexible with your interviewer.

  1. Practice and Prepare

Look for questions that interviews in your sector ask most and practice this questions and their answers.

Every “how to interview” book has a list of a hundred or more “common interview questions.” (You might wonder just how long those interviews are if there are that many common questions!) So how do you prepare? Pick any list and think about which questions you’re most likely to encounter, given your age and status (about to graduate, looking for a summer internship). Then prepare your answers so you won’t have to fumble for them during the actual interview.

  1. Try to stay CALM and COORDINATED 

I know you are tensed but the truth is, it will only last a little time. So try to remain calm and focused. Trust me you can do it if I can believe in you then you can do.

  1. Follow up after the interview exercise.

This is it you made it through the interview congratulations. Now it’s time to say thank you. You have to check for the invitation for the interview mail and reply with a thank you feedback mail.

  1. Lastly, Check your mail

This point may not be inline but we think should also check your mail. You have to always check your mail after the interview. Most interviews ends with “we will get back to you”. So you have to always check your mail for a response.


Note that this 7 interviews tips For a SUCCESSFUL job interview are not limited to this. We advise you apply the tips listed above and make more research too. Please don’t forget to go with a copy of your credentials.

Good luck!

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